About us

Savaged Health originated out of the greater Pittsburgh area and is dedicated to bringing the most advanced, yet all natural supplements to the Nutraceutical market. 

Savaged Health was created in April of 2019 by a Registered Nurse and a former bodybuilding champion who now has his Masters in Personal Training with a focus on dieting and human health. Both wanted to bring a whole new experience and lifestyle into the fitness and wellness industry. We have a strong Biological and Anatomical background and education to bring the most beneficial products to support and promote the best version of YOU! Our products are for EVERYONE. From the hard working stay at home mom to the bodybuilder on stage, no set market or person...for everyone.

We believe that our customers should receive only the most wholesome supplements that will improve QUALITY of life. We enforce QUALITY over quantity and will always stand by our beliefs. 



The Savaged Team.